SEIKO Lenses

A choice for your lifestyle: SEIKO Optical manufactures thin and light SEIKO branded lenses to suit all lifestyles including leisure and work. SEIKO Optical is a world leader in the design and manufacture of technologically advanced lens materials and delivers the style, comfort and quality that you would expect from an innovative global brand.
Brand quality: When you collect your spectacles with SEIKO lenses your optician will give you a certificate of authenticity confirming that your lenses have been made to the highest SEIKO Optical quality standards.

Thin lenses: SEIKO lenses can be up to 50% thinner and 45% lighter than ordinary plastic lenses. In our website you will come across the word ‘index’. In the spectacle industry this describes the amount that a lens bends light. The amount the light is bent determines how thin we can make your lenses. The higher the index the thinner and lighter the lens.

Progressive lenses: Some people need ‘single vision’ lenses. These usually correct vision for either far or near distances. Around the age of forty most people become ‘presbyopic’ and require additional help to focus on near objects, for example, when reading. In order that presbyopic people can read clearly and also see in the distance without having to take their spectacles on and off, SEIKO Optical offers progressive lenses that focus at all distances.

Safer lenses: All SEIKO lenses are made out of materials that are broadly referred to as ‘plastic’. In comparison to glass lenses, plastic lenses are lighter and more impact resistant. That means that plastic lenses provide peace of mind for the spectacle wearer.

Anti-reflection coating: The vast majority of SEIKO lenses include a scratch resistant hard-coating, special anti reflection coating and easy-to-clean water resistant surface coating.
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