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Low Vision Assessment

There are some eye conditions where the eyesight cannot be corrected to normal levels with spectacles, contact lenses or surgical intervention, this is termed as low vision.

In most cases, although the vision is not functioning as efficiently as it should do, there are many ways in which we can maximise the use of the remaining vision. A low vision assessment helps identify the degree of vision loss and give advice on maximising the visual potential and in turn improve ones quality of life.

This will usually include demonstrations on the appropriate low vision aids (LVAs). These include specialist spectacles, magnifiers, telescopes and electronic visual enhancing equipment. We will also discuss optimal lighting and other strategies in making the best use of your vision. We can also advise on non-optical help and support available to patients with visual impairment such as help groups, large print newspapers, audio material including books, national newspapers and magazines and devices that can make daily living tasks easier.

Safety First - The Corporate Eyecare Scheme

If you work in an environment that requires protective eyewear then your employer may have a corporate eyecare scheme in place.  We work closely with many corporations to ensure that their employees are protected to the required safety standard.  Whether you require us to simply provide an eye examination and measurements for your safety eyewear or supply a complete pair or prescription spectacles, we are happy to help.  We deal with most manufacturers of safety eyewear and are able to provide numerous lens options including polycarbonate and toughened glass, hard coatings and anti-reflection coatings too.  We also accept many corporate eyecare vouchers.
In addition to standard safety spectacles we also supply protective eyewear for use whilst partaking in sporting activities, such as tennis, cycling, swimming and squash to name but a few.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements, our staff are always on hand to offer advise and answer your queries.
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